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Strike Back: Origins 06: Episode 06

Duration :


Summary: Season Finale. A deadly game of Russian roulette ends with Porter and Baxter blasting their way into the desert, with Sharq's men in pursuit. In London, Collinson works to extricate Porter and Baxter, although Arlington and the CIA would prefer they disappear. Meanwhile, the last surviving victim in Porter's ill-fated 2003 Iraq rescue dies, leaving Thompson with ballistic evidence that could finally ID his shooter. In the desert, Porter tries to convince Baxter that his best chance for survival is to return to the U.K., while Collinson rushes to reach the two before Sharq gets there first. (NA) ()

PRODUCER : Andrew Benson,Andy Harries,Elaine Pyke

CAST : Richard Armitage,Andrew Lincoln,Jodhi May,Orla Brady,Colin Salmon,Shelley Conn,Cal MacAninch,Dhafer L'Abidine,Nicola Stephenson,Fenar Mohammed-Ali,Laura Greenwood,David Butler,Ron Smerczac,Nabil Elouahabi,Shaun Parkes,David Harewood,Craig Hawks,Justin Beachcroft-Shaw,Denton Douglas

WRITER : Robert Murphy

DIRECTOR : Edward Hall

Genre : Action