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Summary: Detective Mitch Preston (Robert De Niro) is a hard-nosed "Dirty Harry"-style cop. Trey Sellars (Eddie Murphy) is just a goofball in uniform. The pair can't stand each other, but when Mitch gets into trouble for clashing with a TV cameraman, he is forced to participate in a new television reality series...with Mitch as his more-than-willing partner! "Showtime" is a ratings bonanza, but the dangerous reality of their job soon comes into play, thanks to crooks armed with a terrifying weapon. Rene Russo co-stars in this comic spoof that "displays an ingenuity, cleverness and briskness that never flags" (L.A. Times). Also with William Shatner. Directed by Tom Dey (Shanghai Noon). (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Jane Rosenthal,Jorge Saralegui,Will Smith,Eric McLeod,James Lassiter,Bruce Berman

CAST : Robert De Niro,Eddie Murphy,Rene Russo,William Shatner

WRITER : Keith Sharon,Alfred Gough,Miles Millar,Jorge Saralegui


Genre : Crime