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Summary: John Travolta shakes up a Texas boys' school as a lively new music teacher in this drama. It's the 1950s--the dawn of rock-n-roll--and the orphaned students of the Benedict Home for Boys are about to receive a cool band lesson courtesy of new teacher Jack Cabe (Travolta). Introducing rock music courts controversy from the school, but as students find themselves feeling the beat it may bring big changes into their lives. With James Walters, Heather Graham, Richard Jordan and Linda Fiorentino. Directed by Jeffrey Hornaday; written by Joe Gayton. (PG13) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Robert Simonds,Lindsley Parsons Jr.

CAST : John Travolta,James Walters,Heather Graham,Richard Jordan,Linda Fiorentino

WRITER : Joe Gayton

DIRECTOR : Jeffrey Hornaday

Genre : Musical