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Summary: In order to beat a snooty WASP in a competition to win a dream Wall Street job, an underprivileged college student (Marlon Mayans) volunteers for a medical experiment that gives him superhuman senses--along with some hilarious side effects. David Spade, Matthew Lillard, Brad Dourif, Tamara Taylor and Rip Torn co-star. Directed by Penelope Spheeris; screenplay by Greg Erb & Craig Mazin. (R) (AC,AL,N)

CAST : Marlon Wayans,David Spade,Matthew Lillard,Brad Dourif,Tamara Taylor,Rip Torn

PRODUCER : David Hoberman,Bob Weinstein,Harvey Weinstein,Cary Granat,Eric L. Gold,Don Carmody

WRITER : Greg Erb,Craig Mazin

DIRECTOR : Penelope Spheeris

Genre : Comedy