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Pink Cadillac

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Summary: Clint Eastwood takes a vacation from his usual tough-guy roles in this freewheeling, pedal-to-the-metal action comedy. As a modern-day bounty hunter, he's after a jailbird's bail-jumping wife (Bernadette Peters) who's on the lam with her baby. But neither Clint nor his quarry knows that the screamin'-pink getaway Caddy is loaded with loot, and the bad guys want it back! Half the fun here is watching macho man Clint steal his own show in a variety of silly disguises. Timothy Carhart, John Dennis Johnston, Geoffrey Lewis, William Hickey, Michael Des Barres and Jim Carrey co-star. Directed by Buddy Van Horn; screenplay by John Eskow, from a story by John Eskow. (PG13) (AL,V)

PRODUCER : David Valdes,Michael Gruskoff

CAST : Clint Eastwood,Bernadette Peters,Timothy Carhart,Michael Des Barres,John Johnston,Geoffrey Lewis,William Hickey,Jim Carrey

WRITER : John Eskow,John Eskow

DIRECTOR : Buddy Van Horn

Genre : Comedy