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Piedra, Papel o Tijera (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

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Summary: The lives of two Venezuelan families--one rich, the other poor--become entwined after a wealthy man's son is kidnapped in this dramatic study of fate and chance. Starring Gloria Montoya, Leonidas Urbina, Scarlett Jaimes, Leandro Arvelo. Directed by Hernan Jabes; screenplay by Hernan Jabes and Irina Dendiouk. (TVMA) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Hernan Jabes,Rodolfo Cova

CAST : Gloria Montoya,Leonidas Urbina,Scarlett Jaimes,Leandro Arvelo

WRITER : Hernan Jabes,Irina Dendiouk

DIRECTOR : Hernan Jabes

Genre : Action