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Never Let Me Go

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Summary: Based on Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, this film takes a hard look at a society set against an impeccable backdrop. A love triangle between three human lab specimens as they come into adulthood is played with a stunning simplicity by Kathy, Ruth and Tommy--as is their dark purpose in the elusive Hailsham School. Like the novel before it, this films promises an exciting, if not devastating glimpse of a dystopian society--or, a look at our own. Starring Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Kiera Knightley. Also with Charlotte Rampling. Directed by Mark Romanek; screenplay by Alex Garland. (R) (AC,BN,MV)

PRODUCER : Andrew Macdonald,Allon Reich

CAST : Carey Mulligan,Andrew Garfield,Keira Knightley,Isolbel Meikle-Small,Ella Purnell,Charlie Rowe,Charlotte Rampling,Sally Hawkins,Nathalie Richard,Andrea Riseborough,Domhnall Gleeson

WRITER : Alex Garland,Kazuo Ishiguro

DIRECTOR : Mark Romanek

Genre : Thriller