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Mission: Impossible

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Summary: Your mission-should you choose to accept it-is to go along with Tom Cruise on "the wildest movie ride of the year"(New York Times). He plays super-agent Ethan Hunt, accused of betraying his agency and selling top-secret information to the highest bidder. Racing from one tight spot to another, he fights to prove his innocence...and to uncover the "mole" who threatens the C.I.A.'s efforts in Eastern Europe. (PG13) (AL,V)

PRODUCER : Tom Cruise,Paula Wagner,Paul Hitchcock

CAST : Tom Cruise,Jon Voight,Emmanuelle Beart,Henry Czerny,Jean Reno,Kristin Scott Thomas,Vanessa Redgrave,Ving Rhames

WRITER : David Koepp,Robert Towne,David Koepp,Steven Zaillian,Bruce Geller

DIRECTOR : Brian De Palma

Genre : Thriller