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Looking 02: Looking for Uncut

Duration :


Summary: While helping Agustin move his stuff to Frank's house in Oakland, Agustin and Dom (a frequent Grindr user) question whether Patrick is capable of a casual sexual relationship, despite his assertion that he's tired of searching for a boyfriend. Back in SF, Dom meets up with his LA-ified ex Ethan, and seems intrigued when Ethan tells him he'd like to "start over"as friends. Later, Patrick and Richie go out on a date, but a tipsy Patrick becomes a little too focused with personal details. (TVMA) (AC,AL,BN)

PRODUCER : Kat Landsberg,Andrew Haigh,Sarah Condon,Michael Lannan,Allan Heinberg

CAST : Jonathan Groff,Frankie J. Alvarez,Murray Bartlett

WRITER : Andrew Haigh

DIRECTOR : Andrew Haigh

Genre : Comedy