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King Kong

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Summary: Behold the "Eighth Wonder of the World"--Kong! From Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson comes this epic remake of this revered "Beauty and the Beast"-style tale. Naomi Watts, Jack Black and Adrien Brody portray the primary cogs of a Depression-era movie crew--actress, director and writer--who set sail for uncharted Skull Island to make a picture. Their arrival on the mysterious landmass is met by numerous disasters, including savage natives, ravenous dinosaurs, giant bugs, and the island's mighty ruler--a massive gorilla called Kong who takes Watts captive...but who soon becomes captivated by her beauty. What follows is a series of incredible action sequences that culminate in an edge-of-your-seat battle set atop the Empire State Building! Also with Thomas Kretschmann, Colin Hanks, Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis as Kong. Directed by Peter Jackson, screenplay by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson. Winner of three 2006 Oscars® (Sound, Sound Editing and Visual Effects). (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Jan Blenkin,Carolynne Cunningham,Fran Walsh,Peter Jackson

CAST : Naomi Watts,Jack Black,Adrien Brody,Thomas Kretschmann,Colin Hanks,Jamie Bell,Andy Serkis

WRITER : Fran Walsh,Philippa Boyens,Peter Jackson,Merian C. Cooper,Edgar Wallace

DIRECTOR : Peter Jackson

Genre : Adventure