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Jackie Chan's First Strike

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Summary: A Hong Kong cop gets mixed-up in a CIA mission in the Ukraine and stumbles onto a plot to sell a stolen nuclear warhead to the Russian Mafia. Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan makes like James Bond--battling bad guys, sharks and treacherous beauties--while performing his own spectacular stunts in this "classic action movie" (San Francisco Examiner). With Chen Chun Wu and Jackson Lou. Directed by Stanley Tong; screenplay by Stanley Tong, Nick Tramontane, Greg Mellott, Elliot Tong. (PG13) (BN,V)

PRODUCER : Barbie Tung,Leonard Ho

CAST : Jackie Chan,Jackson Lou,Chen Chun Wu

WRITER : Stanley Tong,Nick Tramontane,Greg Mellott,Elliot Tong

DIRECTOR : Stanley Tong

Genre : Adventure