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Fantastic Four

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Summary: Mr. Fantastic. Invisible Woman. Human Torch. The Thing. They are the Fantastic Four! The beloved comic book is brought to the big screen in this long-awaited film adaptation that pits the crime-fighting quartet against the metallic menace, Dr. Doom. Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis (TV's The Shield) portray the heroes whose encounter with a cosmic radiation storm in space prompts their shocking genetic transformations upon their return to Earth. But while the Fantastic Four use their newfound powers for good, their financial backer on the mission, Victor Von Doom, is transforming as well--and has a power-mad plan to use his pliable metal skin and electrical energy for his own evil design! Julian McMahon and Kerry Washington co-star. Directed by Tim Story, written by Mark Frost and Michael France; based on the Marvel comic book created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. (PG13) (MV)

PRODUCER : Avi Arad,Ralph Winter,Bernd Eichinger,Stan Lee,Kevin Feige,Chris Columbus,Mark Radcliffe,Michael Barnathan

CAST : Ioan Gruffudd,Jessica Alba,Chris Evans,Michael Chiklis,Julian McMahon,Kerry Washington

WRITER : Mark Frost,Michael France,Stan Lee,Jack Kirby

DIRECTOR : Tim Story

Genre : Action