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Extraterrestre (Extraterrestrial)

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Summary: A quirky love quadrangle develops on the same day as an alien invasion in this "offbeat and amusing" (Variety) tale. Waking up after a one-night stand that neither can recall, Julia and Julio share an uncomfortable moment until their realization that an enormous UFO is hovering above the city. When Julia's boyfriend and a nosy neighbor enter the picture, it's a madcap effort for Julia and Julio to keep the lid on their secret while wondering what the otherworldly visitors have in store for them. Starring Julian Villagran, Michelle Jenner, Raul Cimas, Carlos Areces and Miguel Noguera. Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo. (TV14) (AC,AL,BN,MV)

PRODUCER : Nahikari Ipina,Nacho Vigalondo,Enrique Lopez-Lavigne,Belen Atienza,Garrett Basch

CAST : Julian Villagran,Michelle Jenner,Raul Cimas,Carlos Areces

WRITER : Nacho Vigalondo

DIRECTOR : Nacho Vigalondo

Genre : Science Fiction