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El Dedo (The Finger)

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Summary: In this political satire based on true events, a ruthlessly ambitious schemer resorts to murder to become the first mayor of a small village in Argentina that will formally become a town with the birth of its 501st inhabitant. Fabian Vena, Gabriel Goity, Martin Seefeld, Mariana Briski, Mara Santucho. Directed by Sergio Teubal; written by Carina Catelli, based on the novel El Dedo de Baldomero by Alberto Assardourian. (TV14) (AC,AL,MV)

PRODUCER : Andres Korn,Ivan Posse Molina,Fernando Sokolowicz,Mariana Fonseca,Sebastian Aloi,Santiago Bonta

CAST : Fabian Vena,Gabriel Goity,Martin Seefeld,Mariana Briski,Mara Santucho

WRITER : Carina Catelli,Alberto Assardourian

DIRECTOR : Sergio Teubal

Genre : Comedy