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Dallas Buyers Club

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Summary: Matthew McConaughey delivers a terrific, Oscar(R)-winning performance in this searing film about a Texas redneck who becomes an unlikely hero to AIDS patients in the 1980s. A hedonistic heterosexual homophobe who is stunned to learn he has HIV, Ron Woodroof (McConaughey) has his eyes opened by the experience that follows, joining forces with a kind-hearted transsexual to import unsanctioned drugs to treat an ever-growing and misunderstood community of people suffering from the disease. Jennifer Garner and Best Supporting Actor Oscar(R)-winner Jared Leto co-star. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee; written by Craig Borten & Melisa Wallack. (R) (AC,AL,BN,V)

PRODUCER : Robbie Brenner,Rachel Winter,David Bushell,Nathan Ross,Tony Notargiacomo,Joe Newcomb,Nicolas Chartier,Zev Foreman,Logan Levy,Holly Wiersma,Cassian Elwes

CAST : Matthew McConaughey,Jennifer Garner,Jared Leto

WRITER : Craig Borten,Melisa Wallack

DIRECTOR : Jean-Marc Vallee

Genre : Drama