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Summary: A veteran con artist moves from petty crimes to a major heist with the help of a novice crook in this caper. John C. Reilly stars as Richard Gaddis, a masterful small-time swindler who never scams too big. But when he hooks up with Rodrigo, an eager neophyte with a knack for cons, Gaddis spies a lucrative opportunity to utilize their talents...if his meddling sister doesn't get in their way. Based on the film Nine Queens. With Diego Luna, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jonathan Tucker and Peter Mullan. Directed by Gregory Jacobs. Written by Gregory Jacobs and Sam Lowry, based on a screenplay by Fabian Bielinsky. (R) (AC,AL,MV)

PRODUCER : Steven Soderbergh,George Clooney,Gregory Jacobs,Jennifer Fox,Ben Cosgrove,Georgia Kacandes,Todd Wagner,Mark Cuban

CAST : John C. Reilly,Diego Luna,Maggie Gyllenhaal,Peter Mullan,Jonathan Tucker

WRITER : Sam Lowry,Gregory Jacobs,Fabian Bielinsky

DIRECTOR : Gregory Jacobs

Genre : Thriller