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Broken Arrow

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Summary: Renegade Air Force pilot John Travolta has the U.S. government over a barrel in this "over-the-top action blowout"(New York Times). He's stolen two nuclear warheads and wants $250 million or he'll turn the Southwest into a wasteland! Opposing him is fellow pilot--and former best friend--Christian Slater, who teams up with National Parks ranger Samantha Mathis to track him down and neutralize the threat. With Delroy Lindo, Frank Whaley, Bob Gunton and Howie Long. "A virtually nonstop actioner...heavy on imaginative destruction" (Variety). Directed by John Woo; written by Graham Yost. (R) (AL,GV)

PRODUCER : Bill Badalato,Terence Chang,Mark Gordon,Joe Gareri,Christopher Godsick,Brad Lewis,Dwight Little,Michele Maples

CAST : John Travolta,Christian Slater,Samantha Mathis,Delroy Lindo,Frank Whaley,Bob Gunton,Howie Long

WRITER : Graham Yost


Genre : Thriller