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Broad Street Bullies

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Summary: They were mean, they were violent, and they were winners. The 1974-75 Philadelphia Flyers won two consecutive Stanley Cups--and a city's undying affection--with a unique brand of brutal, take-no-prisoners hockey that earned them the moniker Broad Street Bullies. Through archival footage and recent interviews, this documentary looks back at one of the NHL's most polarizing teams and tells the backstories of the colorful blue-collar athletes whose raucous, pugilistic style became the perfect symbols of the hardscrabble Philly culture--even as they were vilified in every other NHL city. (TVPG) (AC,AL,V)

CAST : Liev Schreiber

PRODUCER : Ross Greenburg,Rick Bernstein,George Roy

WRITER : Erik Kesten

Genre : Sports