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Bored to Death 05: The Case of the Lonely White Dove

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Summary: A smitten Russian parolee contracts Jonathan to track down a chanteuse known as "the Lonely White Dove." After a vodka-fueled reconnaissance mission at the Brighton Beach restaurant where she works, Jonathan persuades Suzanne--and Ray and Leah--to join him there for dinner the next night, failing to reveal his true purpose. Meanwhile, George decides to get in touch with his feminine side as a way to drive sales of his sagging magazines. (TVMA) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Jonathan Ames,Sarah Condon,Troy Miller,Stephanie Davis,Dave Becky,Martin Gero

CAST : Jason Schwartzman,Ted Danson,Zach Galifianakis

WRITER : Jonathan Ames,Donick Cary

DIRECTOR : Paul Feig

CREATOR : Jonathan Ames

Genre : Comedy