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Bored to Death 03: The Case of the Missing Screenplay

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Summary: At a NY film-society party, George introduces Jonathan to filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, a fan of Jonathan's first book who is interested in having him rewrite a screenplay. Later, after leaving his personalized script in a therapist's office during an ill-advised late-night tryst with a (very) young party girl, Jonathan turns to Ray to pose as a patient in order to retrieve it. Meanwhile, George is flummoxed when he runs into his sexy ex-wife Priscilla and her arrogant new husband, fellow publishing magnate Richard Antrem. (TVMA) (AC,AL,MV,N)

PRODUCER : Jonathan Ames,Sarah Condon,Troy Miller,Stephanie Davis,Dave Becky,Martin Gero

CAST : Jason Schwartzman,Ted Danson,Zach Galifianakis

WRITER : Jonathan Ames

DIRECTOR : Michael Lehmann

CREATOR : Jonathan Ames

Genre : Comedy