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Bobby Fischer Against the World

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Summary: At 14, Bobby Fischer stunned the chess world by becoming the youngest Grand Master in history. At 29, he became World Champion and a global celebrity. But at the apex of his success, he disappeared from the public eye. This compelling documentary chronicles the complex life of this troubled genius whose charisma and unmatched talent spurred a worldwide fascination with the "game of kings." Award-winning filmmaker Liz Garbus (The Farm: Angola, USA) pulls back the curtains on the enigmatic Fischer in this spellbinding tale that depicts his evolution from chess prodigy to superstar, angry recluse and finally fugitive. (TV14) (AC,AL,BN)

PRODUCER : Liz Garbus,Dan Cogan,Nick Fraser,Maja Hoffmann,Martin Pieper,Rory Kennedy,Stanley Buchthal,Matthew Justus,Sheila Nevins

DIRECTOR : Liz Garbus

Genre : Documentary