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Boardwalk Empire 49: Golden Days for Boys and Girls

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Summary: Season Five Premiere. Awash in memories from his pier-boy days growing up in 1884 Atlantic City, Nucky recalls first catching the eye of the Commodore. 1931 - Nucky joins Sally Wheet in Cuba, and with a U.S. Senator in tow, forges ties with Bacardi Rum with the hope of Prohibition's repeal in the U.S. While working on Wall Street, Margaret finds herself in the hot seat when her boss, facing an internal investigation, decides his own future. Down but never out, Chalky seizes an opportunity to extricate himself from a difficult situation. In New York, Lucky Luciano sets in motion a bold plan--a move that reverberates with Nucky all the way in Cuba. (TVMA) (AC,AL,GV)

PRODUCER : Joseph E. Iberti,Rick Yorn,Terence Winter,Martin Scorsese,Mark Wahlberg,Stephen Levinson,Tim Van Patten,Howard Korder,Gene Kelly,Allen Coulter

CAST : Steve Buscemi,Stephen Graham,Kelly Macdonald,Gretchen Mol,Vincent Piazza,Ben Rosenfield,Michael Shannon,Paul Sparks,Michael Stuhlbarg,Shea Whigham,Michael Kenneth Williams,Jeffrey Wright

WRITER : Howard Korder

DIRECTOR : Tim Van Patten

CREATOR : Terence Winter

Genre : Drama