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Boardwalk Empire 21: Battle of the Century

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Summary: Arriving in Belfast,Nucky and Owen meet with IRA leaders with a barter proposition. Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, Jimmy and his partners broker a deal with George Remus for his medicinal alcohol before taking a break to see/hear the Dempsey fight. Margaret frets when Emily's illness takes a turn for the worse; Dunn Purnsley orchestrates a worker's strike at the Ritz; Waxey Gordon takes action against Manny Horvitz in Philadelphia; Randolph and Lathrop grill Halloran about Nucky's past. (TVMA) ()

PRODUCER : Joseph E. Iberti,Terence Winter,Martin Scorsese,Mark Wahlberg,Stephen Levinson,Tim Van Patten

CAST : Steve Buscemi,Michael Pitt,Kelly Macdonald,Michael Shannon

WRITER : Steve Kornacki

DIRECTOR : Brad Anderson

CREATOR : Terence Winter

Genre : Drama