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Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

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Summary: Party-hearty teens celebrating the macabre anniversary of a notorious axe murderer's death find there's much more to the legend than meets the blade in this gruesome fright flick. Will any of them live long enough to tell the truth about "Bloody Mary"? Starring Bill Moseley, Danielle Harris, Nate Dushku, Samantha Facchi, Anthony Marks, Billy Magnussen, Alissa Dean, Maryam Basir, Samantha Hahn, Michael Wartella, Josh Segarra, Samantha Jacobs, Rich Ceraulo, Russell Lewis and Patricia Marie Raven. Written and directed by Frank Sabatella. (R) (AC,AL,N,RP,V)

PRODUCER : Frank Mosca,Frank Sabatella,Carlton Hickman,Mike Seiman

CAST : Bill Moseley,Danielle Harris,Nate Dushku,Samantha Facchi,Anthony Marks,Billy Magnussen,Alissa Dean,Samantha Hahn,Michael Wartella,Josh Segarra,Samantha Jacobs,Rich Ceraulo,Russell Lewis,Patricia Marie Raven

WRITER : Frank Sabatella

DIRECTOR : Frank Sabatella

Genre : Horror