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Banshee 04: Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead

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Summary: A botched museum heist in Harrisburg has unintended consequences, as Lucas, Carrie and Job renew their partnership, at least for the moment. Later, after coercing redneck henchman Arno to offer up incriminating evidence, Lucas and Emmett arrest Proctor for Hanson's murder, but are detoured on the way to the jail. Sugar looks for a cut; Kendall gets roughed up; Lucas and Carrie love the ones they're with. (TVMA) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Stephanie Laing,Greg Yaitanes,Alan Ball,Peter Macdissi,David Schickler,Jonathan Tropper

CAST : Antony Starr,Ivana Milicevic,Ulrich Thomsen,Frankie R. Faison,Demetrius Grosse,Trieste Kelly Dunn,Rus Blackwell,Matt Servitto,Ryann Shane,Daniel Ross Owens,Hoon Lee,Matthew Rauch,Kay Story,Christos Vasilopoulos,Lili Simmons,Steve Coulter,Michael Kostroff,Ben Cross,Kristopher Kling,Joseph Gatt,Claire Bronson

WRITER : Jonathan Tropper,David Schickler

DIRECTOR : Greg Yaitanes

Genre : Drama