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Ausente (Absent)

Duration :


Summary: In this taut psychological thriller, a gay teen who is infatuated with his swimming coach decides to set a trap for the recently-engaged older man. Faking an injury, the youth spends the night at the coach's home and sets into motion a plan to entice him into an illicit liaison. Starring Carlos Echevarria and Javier De Pietro with Rocio Pavon, Alejandro Barbero and Antonella Costa. Written and directed by Marco Berger. (TV14) (AC,AL,BN)

PRODUCER : Mariano Contreras,Pablo Ingercher

CAST : Carlos Echevarria,Javier De Pietro,Rocio Pavon,Alejandro Barbero,Antonella Costa

WRITER : Marco Berger

DIRECTOR : Marco Berger

Genre : Thriller