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Alice Telefilm Part 2: The Last Night

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Summary: Part 2 of 2. Despite a few stumbles, the premiere of the children's play Alice produces is a moderate success, and her friends get ready to celebrate. But when Alice discovers Nicholas flirting with a young actress, a fight starts that ends with Alice abandoning her car and getting lost by herself in the streets of Sao Paulo. There, Alice hears a phone ringing, and a chance impersonal encounter is transformed into an event that will deeply affect her life. (TVMA) (AC,AL,N)

PRODUCER : Maria Angela de Jesus,Roberto Rios,Caio Gullane,Fabiano Gullane,Luis F. Peraza

CAST : Andreia Horta,Vinicius Zinn,Jose Geraldo Rodrigues,Daniela Piepszyk,Carla Ribas,Silvia Lourenco,Gabrielle Lopez,Guta Ruiz,Joao Bourbonnais,Emilio de Mello

WRITER : Sergio Machado,Ines Braga,Marco Dutra

DIRECTOR : Sergio Machado

Genre : Drama