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A Simple Wish

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Summary: Martin Short is a screwball fairy godmother who becomes the accident-prone answer to a little girl's wish in this comedy. Eight-year-old Anabel simply wants success for her cab driver father, but oafish Murray (Short) has a broken wand and a propensity for creating a mess. Can he grant her wish while stopping a dastardly witch from ruining the fairy godmother convention? Mara Wilson, Robert Pastorelli, Amanda Plummer, Francis Capra and Kathleen Turner co-star. Directed by Michael Ritchie; screenplay by Jeff Rothberg. (PG) (AC)

PRODUCER : Sid Sheinberg,Bill Sheinberg,Jonathan Sheinberg

CAST : Martin Short,Mara Wilson,Robert Pastorelli,Amanda Plummer,Francis Capra,Kathleen Turner

WRITER : Jeff Rothberg

DIRECTOR : Michael Ritchie

Genre : Comedy