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200 Cartas

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Summary: It's love at first sight for a New York comic book artist who falls for a beautiful Puerto Rican woman on a visit to the city. But when she suddenly vanishes, he impulsively travels to Puerto Rico to pursue her. This "charming romantic comedy" (Hollywood Reporter) stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jaime Camil, Dayanara Torres, Monica Steuer, Mayra Matos, Luis Raul and Iris Chacon. Written and directed by Bruno Irizarry. (TVPG) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Juan Enrique Perez

CAST : Lin-Manuel Miranda,Jaime Camil,Dayanara Torres,Monica Steuer,Mayra Matos,Luis Raul,Iris Chacon

WRITER : Bruno Irizarry

DIRECTOR : Bruno Irizarry

Genre : Comedy