Team Santa Fe

About the Team

Santa Fe, New Mexico has a dry desert climate—hot during the day and bone-chilling cold at night—and is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It's a pageant of desert colors, from the adobe brick to the sage brush and other native flora.

Mentored by Coach Tim McLaughlin, the Santa Fe team delivers poetry that offers rarely heard perspectives about the earth, indigenous philosophies, healing injustices, and prayer. Deeply connected to their culture and family, these writers continue to honor Native American traditions. Each poet on the team comes from a different pueblo or reservation, but they all attend one boarding school—the Santa Fe Indian School, with a population of seven hundred Native American students. This is where creative writing classes and spoken word club meetings take place; the place where poetry is produced and rehearsed. The perceptive and compassionate writers trained here plan to bring a profound message about survival and humanity to this year's Brave New Voices festival.


About the Coach

Tim McLaughlin works triple duty as a creative writing teacher, facilitator of the writing center and coach of the spoken word team at the Santa Fe Indian School in New Mexico. From a family of faith and service, Tim earned the honorific "Grandpa" among the Lakota tribe when he taught at the Red Cloud Indian School in South Dakota. He has been working for six years with Pueblo and Navajo students—contemporary kids with ancient traditions. "The kids on Team Santa Fe are like any other teenagers," he says. "New Mexico is certainly a little more rural and their reservations are rooted in traditional culture and ways of life. But they're navigating the world just like everyone else—they certainly have access to technology." At least they usually do. "One of my rules for the team is that none of the kids will bring cell phones to BNV." Clearly, McLaughlin wants his team to be focused for their trip to the nationals.

The Contenders

April Chavez
Nolan Eskeets
Heilery Yuselew
Andrew Nutumya
Santana Shorty
Davin Jimmy Coriz

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