Childhood By Justin Long and Ishmael Islam

This one goes out to the freckle faced girl with pig tails
To the boy
School yard fist and a craving for paste
The Teddy Graham titans
And sandbox cadets
Who hold monkey bars like the fathers who forgot them
Swallowing peppermint asteroids down the esophagus
Forgetting the natural taste of mommy's broccoli
Ugghh broccoli
You, bonfire, of laughter
Ignited in the woods of a classroom
Have you unlearned the scent of recess?
Chocolate milks, dreams folded into paper airplanes
That got trapped in the office cabinet or sent to prison cells
Did you ever lock Bowser up?
Hurdling over the fire pits
Eat the mushroom! To grow into a better man
Mario taught us self-worth every time he said
It's A Me!
Basking in the sandbox with Matchbox trucks
Your hands so micro, and girls never cared if your game was soft
Cuz before Xbox 360, there was
Remember on weekends
Racing to the candy store
Buy the jaw breakers, crybabies, tootsie rolls and baby bottle pops
Being sweet as candy didn't make you gay
Rainbows were just rainbows

On days after the sun showers, pruned our fingertips
Back to birth
We were young premature, revolutions and incubators
A flashlight under the blankets
Talking to shadow puppets after we were told to go to sleep
Mythic Draculas sucking the blood of imagination
Then adulthood can leave us Igor, and eager
Spit balls hovered over a lunchroom table
The smell of Thursday's mystery meat tickling your nostrils
 "Somebody farted P U, Where did it come from
From you!" You-yu-yu yu yu Gi Oooooooh
My God! Did you hear about stoop kid?
The only existing rumor, never about a girl on her knees in the staircase
We knew Crayola on a first name basis
But colorblind to the struggle
Didn't know our best friends were 2 shades darker
Or lighter than the days when you had no business suits and a 9-5
Just a T-Shirt of your favourite cartoon
And a lunchbox of Pokémon stickers
Cuz Pokémon taught us
To be very the best, like no one ever was!
This is for the boy
Shaking knees
Sitting at the back of the class with a love note for
The girl he wants to share his PB & J with
Check yes if you do, No if you don't
That's when providing was a pure act of the heart
Like the first time Urkle met Laura (drop mic)
Did I do that?!
Somewhere, along the commute from
Mud stained trousers to neck ties
We forgot about the candy canes in the cracks of our skulls
So when you walk into work tomorrow
Greet your boss with a *Will & Jazz handshake*

Believe the wheels of tricycles
Are still spinning in your stomachs
You just have to embrace, your inner you
Love yourself enough to find the love of your life
And when you see, tell her, I CHOOSE YOU!
We're all still Rugrats riding shotgun on the magic school bus
Souls full of fire and Kamehamehas
Super saiyan! when we assemble the skies
To roar Thunder Thunder Thundercats *point to audience* HOOOOOOOOOO!
Tell Chuckie there ain't nothing cheesy about a kid being a kid

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