Amber Alert by Jesica Blandon and Ka'Mone Felix

Today, 500 faces will learn the scrape of a forest
Their cheeks
will forever hold the red hiding beneath the fingernails of the gravel they will be dragged through
tonight 500 women will go missing
500 women who all learned how to stay visible for the cat calls
for the men
for the camera
don't we all always want all eyes on us
this is how to stay beautiful
teach our selves how to stay beautiful
we crimp. curl. blow. straighten. Grease. Scrub every inch, make it shine .
exfoliate. Slather. style. stuff. comb.
Women do crazy things in attempts to find themselves
They go missing
They chew their tongues into kaleidoscopes
And gift boxes
They become milk carton faces
And 9 o'clock news segments
Dusty attic photographs
Liquor and caskets
And dead bodies
And dead bodies

Britanee Drexel
Is A 17 year old girl from Rochester
with a smile like 32 porcelain dolls standing hand in hand
her laugh
reminiscent of ocean breeze bathing in the moon light
some would say
she was Nile river rapids
dancing beneath the hum of eyeliner
her eyes
three shade of contacts purchased over the counter
her tongue
the first blazing sunset you'd ever witnessed
red and roaring
with a mouth like a burning toy chest
She was last spotted
On April 25th
Leaving a Myrtle Beach Hotel
There has been no activity on her cell phone
Or ATM account since.

Imagine that you'd have found your voice
6 years ago instead of two
What kind of god would you pray to
Would your arms have committed suicide without telling you?
Would you be the girl who plays with fire
Or the one who falls in love with it?
Would you be here ?
Would you be here now?
Instead of magician kissed
And duffel bag broken?

In NYC alone,
1 in every 8 women
Will fall victim to their beauty
Will be found
Bound and strapped
To the pounding of a car trunk

They are phantom pom-pom girls
with the innocence
of mystery
plastered to their
the trees don't have eyes
but we've plastered
their faces to the woods
The trees smell like the smolder of a thousand grieving families
like the burning of a thousand
flat irons
sitting in the bellies
of dressers
somewhere in the rooms of sisters and daughters

we crimp. curl. blow. straighten. Grease. Scrub every inch, make it shine .
exfoliate. Slather. poise. style. stuff. comb.
smile pretty girl, smile pretty girl.

look at the casket they've thrown themselves into
we can still hear them whisper
"in case I go missing at least I will be pretty enough for news coverage "

tonight 500 women will go missing
don't we all always want all eyes on us.

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