Jasmine Bailey

This 18-year-old psychology major faces the dual challenges of her health and her poetry with grace. Jasmine and her best friend Cierra just formed their college's first campus Poetry Club.

At an early age, Jasmine made poetry the primary outlet for her emotions and blossoming creativity. Her poems read like the well-worn pages of a personal journal—the kind a teenager her age might want to share with her loved ones. Poetry is not purely recreation for her; it's a necessity for her well-being.

Her friends at college tease: "'Why do you always have to speak poetry?'" Jasmine responds, "Poetry is my language. I speak it."

One of Jasmine's main concerns is health care. "The thing that's gonna help me make my decision toward who to vote for is health care," she says. "Because sometimes the medical system doesn't work to the patient's advantage. It's literally life and death, quality of life and everything."

Jasmine is committed to building chemistry with her Fort Lauderdale team. So whether they win or lose at Brave New Voices, they will have become a team in her eyes; and, for Jasmine, that's enough.


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