Avatar By Dominique Sample and Kyle Sutherland

Female: Dominique Sample
Male: Kyle Sutherland


You may not have realized it yet, but I am a woman, therefore; I am enchanting
It happened before you were born
I dance choreographed waltz with the universe.
I was very much a part of the original design.
Once I was born
I worshipped you. Called you goddess, sang praises,
you were my world.
I yielded my body as your playground.
you were so young then,
mischievously playing in my puddles.
I called them oceans.
staying safe in your jungle gyms and desert sandboxes
Until you grew older
carved vulgarities into my bones that I didn't even know you knew.
What did you become?

Father taught me that everything female is less than male, that she is a commodity,
A piece of meat, a patch of soil, I was just doing what I was taught
So i knocked out her teeth
and used them as white picket fences
I am rage, I am war

Man is to blame for the expulsion from The Garden of Eden

I am a woman defiled
shoreline mascara stencils my face ugly
I am robbed
you drill me for all that I possess
cut down my trees
and still push against the trunk of my spine

i thrust glorious,
everywhere triumphant
she cries like hysterical city laughter
I have dominion over her
Body will and testament

You don't even look at me.
Your obsessed with Industrial landscapes like my hills aren't enough.
These curves never satisfy your aesthetics

This suppression writes itself on my knuckles
her heart swings like a broken birds wing
I pay no attention to her changing body
These scars tattoo her as highways- but I refuse to walk
So I use her

She never says no {I never say no}
But I know he sees the misery written in my body
stooping beneath the weight of my machines
her dying forests are my smokers lungs

Palms bulldoze my body limp and lifeless.
i am his rode kill.
his sky smothered in smog
he binge drinks my blood
and complains when I'm pale.
You dig out my earth until I am desertified,
And empty.
You tell me I'm not the same woman you married like it's my fault

Cheating on her has always been about muffling the power of her core,
dancing hurricane warfare around fault lines
her volcano belly butterflies are about to erupt
these divorce papers are apocalyptic, I know this, but I still chase profit

If you're at all interested, I've begun to name the effects of this abuse like countries
You can catch it on the news.
Cause I am shaking...Haiti,
drowning New York in sulfur tears,
my tidal tongue swallows Tibet,
the blood around Louisiana has grown black.
This hatred you've infused scorches Zimbabwe's forests DAILY.
Go ahead, bitch, scream
lets hear you challenge the integrity of my cities with your wind
how powerful are you really?

I'm changing form, this process is unstoppable
I will smash you, end you,
If i sign these divorce papers

And I am your- destruction.
But I will rebuild.
Cause what you didn't know,
my greatest mistake,
what I forgot to tell you,
is I am the uproar of oppressed nations.
And a revolution is long overdue.
Let a man step out on his woman
and watch the earth....quake

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