Untitled By Erica McMath Sheppard

We eat like we still slaves
Cause back in the days we got what whites didn’t want
And now we got something called freedom of eat
But granny still chooses salt covered pigs feet
And mama still chooses KFC
And I still choose whatever is given to me

At family functions
We got that kill your soul food
That food that will have you so tired
you would think the main ingredient is NyQuil

We got that death recipe
We eat that fried pork chops
5 layer cheese macaroni
Them chitlins
Off of food I get high
So high me and kites come face to face
And it runs in the family and some of us hide it
by sticking 2 fingers down their throat or getting surgery or taking pills

But me I just kind of let it show
Cause after school, therapy, night school, and work
I want nothing more then to inhale a double Decker
chocolate fudge brownie from the Latin bakery next door
In the morning, coffee doesn’t wake me -- a Twinkie does
At night tea doesn’t calm me more like a strawberry milkshake
Normal and I could never be in the same sentence

Yesterday I decided to right down some ingredients in my day to day diet
1st there where a million things I couldn’t pronounce
Then there was
Hydrogenated oils
High fructose corn syrup
Whey powder
High fructose corn syrup
Dye yellow 40
Dye red 52
Dye dye die!

Our food is speaking to us
And if the word dye is in a food you eat and you want to live
I suggest you throw it away
And it’s a blessing and a curse in one
Because I know about the same information on food as a Kaiser Permanente nutritionist
But still I do the same shit

The body is supposed to consume between 2,000-2,300 calories a day
5 fruits and vegetables keep the doctor away
Turn of the TV and go outside and play
Did you drink your 8 glasses of water today?
And if I would just take my own advice
My body would transform from
Oprah to Beyonce
From Rosie O'Donnell to Tyra
From Dr. Phil to Dr. Oz

I don’t wanna be skinny
Just wanna be able to incorporate movement
into a 3 minute poem without running out of breath
Just wanna play tag with my sister without tagging the base
Just want this smile to be genuine when I put it on my face

Cause I’m not happy
And I’m tired if hiding behind big coats and hoodies
Behind pulling my jeans over my gut
Behind a girdle
And its gotten at it’s worse when the vegetables
my family eats are even more unhealthy then my granny’s pig feet

We eat them
Over cooked greens with bacon bits and ham hocks
We eat that broccoli with extra butter and ½ pound of cheese
We like our okra deep fried
We like our chicken deep fried’
We like our rice, our turkey, our cake deep fried
We like our fries deep fried
We like our catfish deep fried
We like our apple pie, plantains, our noodles deep fried
We like our biscuits deep fried
We like our
life deep fried
Eating this shit you would think I would want to die

But I’m an addict who’s addicted
It’s like I pine for high fructose corn syrup
even though that shit will have me sick as fuck
Its like no matter how hard I try I just gotta have that Sprite
Its like 3 for a dollar candy bars on sale at Walgreens
and I end up spending 2 dollars which is 6 candy bars
that I know will make me nauseous but hey snickers is the shit

It’s like I’m an addict who’s addicted
Its like Let me hit that cookie one time
Its like being on the South Beach diet 2 weeks 3 days in and mess up
when you see a Popeyes commercial for 2 pieces of chicken for a dollar on Tuesdays
and today is Tuesday and you have exactly 1.25 and its less then 5 minutes away

Its like knowing most of your family has diabetes
but your still smacking on sour patches
as you're walking your aunt to her dialysis appointment
It’s like Auntie Marlow being blind at 32
It’s like Grandma Susie dying from a heart attack at 51
It’s like cousin Kieara shooting insulin in her nine year old arm
It’s like Uncle Jimmy having an amputated foot
It’s like brother Christopher having juvenile diabetes at 5
It’s like damn
It’s like damn
It’s like

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