Walls of Baghdad by Miguel Figueroa, Reed Bobroff, Olivia Gatwood, Khalid Binsunni

(O = Olivia; R = Reed, K =Khalid, M=Miguel)
Arabic chants are phonetic, not proper Arabic.

O -- The walls of Baghdad are bleeding,
O, K -- The city named "given by god"
K, M -- is "taken by devils"
ALL --  This is Eden.

R -- Baghdad's walls were built to be beautiful,
R, K -- Its four surrounding walls
R,M  -- confine the artistry
R  -- of a man made heaven,
K -- Baghdad's walls were built to keep peace,
K. O -- but feel like prison,
M  -- These walls are building a labrynth
M, K -- creating a shield for the people,
M,K,O -- From men dressed in green,
E --  She opened her gates to unknown men,  (M,R,K chant-
E, O -- Like a woman with her legs forced apart.  Al hum du
E, O, T  -- Bombarded by the bombs of a monster, lil la herab
O -- She was a fair skinned lady.    bill al a mean" )
O, E -- With golden powder sprinkled upon her cheeks,
O --  Lips stained with pink,
 An innocent child of her father,
 Despite the men who grabbed her ankles.

E, O, T -- She was still a maiden of the East.
O --  But when an intruder forced itself inside her vacant belly,
O, E -- broke down those godly walls of her uterus,
O, T -- The ashes began to fall upon her cheeks.
O, E, T -- Blindfolding what was once golden,
O -- Tainting the perfection that rested on her hips,
 Her lips are now stained red,
 With the blood of the men who stole her youth.

ALL -- The walls of Baghdad are bleeding.
K, R -- A fair garden,
K, O -- Lit like a burning bush
K, O, M -- set a blaze by god him self,
O -- God given.
K, O  -- Just north of Babylon,
K, O, M -- her roots are angelic.

M, R -- An olive branch from the great flood.
M, K --  Discover proud flesh and amplification,
K, R -- Headlights, a constant expression of blessedness
K, R, O --  why?
K -- Why slash her limbs

K -- Biss millah er rah man near a heim
  Al hum du lil la herab bill al a mean
  ar aman nearahim
  malikeou mid dean.
M -- HELP ME ....        
M, K -- HELP US UNDERSTAND WHAT IS IT    (R , chants --
K -- WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO     "Al hum du
 DESERVE SUCH TORTURE ?    lil la herab
R -- HER PEACEFUL NIGHTS      bill al 
O -- Or deserted dusk.     until...
M, K: -- Wreckage burns the skyline of her lonesome future
O, R -- Ear splitting cries of rage and agony
R, M -- Bang on the lobes of her native roots
M -- The blood dispensed,
M, K -- leaves her drowning in her own perspectives  here.)

O -- Our country grows roses.
R,O  -- Her state of flower,
R, K - Placed in black hawks of fertile soil,
K, O--  To be released upon future mounds
K, O, M -- of blood and sand.
ALL --  A symbol of the country they died for.
R -- An aurora borealis of American bouquets,
ALL -- Roses.

M -- Releasing them from Black Hawks of fertile soil.
M, O -- Dropping blossoming bombs
O, R -- over future graves.
K -- The Baghdad flower blooms a burning of Babylon.
R -- The awkward stems of war strangle each other, like shadows.
R, M -- Potholes grow exploding thorns,
R, M, O --  A burning bush tries speaking,
ALL -- We are not Moses.

E -- The walls of Baghdad are bleeding.
 like stories of Adam
 when stripping a rib to give beauty.
O -- Dropped bombs crack skeletons
K, O -- like deathly wind chimes,
K -- The city hangs like a fossilized apple core.
O, M -- Sculpting this land in shades of Eden,
O, M, R -- Roots carving out the hindrance to a sanctuary's embrace,
ALL -- Setting the city into combustion.

R -- This land now chaotically wrapped
K, R -- around gun barrels,
K -- One rose erupts from their graves by mourning,
K, O -- Breaking through.

R -- Do the bombs feel like broken glass   (K, O, M chant --
 when they touch your street's skin   "Al hum du
 Or does it hurt more,    lil la herab
 Are you proud of your children,    bill al a mean"
 fighting to protect the name "given by god" ?  until...
 Baghdad, A miscarriage by the sword, 
 The pools of blood bathe your body,
 Or a mix of shrapnel and flesh,
 You are Quran's paradise;     here.)

ALL -- Flawless.

E --  What was once golden, is now splashed in the color of war.
E,T  --  Where apples once hung to test our knowledge,
E,T  -- Leaving life to plant itself in the ground
ALL -- like a tombstone.

E --  In the midst of a racing mind,
E, K -- knowledge is forsaken.
E, M -- Some say the world will end in fire,
E, M, R -- some say ice,
ALL -- When the bombs of Baghdad freeze over,
O --  These walls
 will know peace.

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