5 Shows to Watch While Waiting for Room 104

Room 104 takes place in a typical American hotel room and the people who pass through it.

Don’t let the single setting fool you; creators Jay and Mark Duplass have left the door open for an array of dynamic characters. Explore a few other Duplass brother productions and discover new binge-worthy series to indulge in.

1. Togetherness

Written and directed by Mark and Jay Duplass, Togetherness, depicts Los Angeles through the eyes of a complacent father of two, Brett (Mark Duplass) and his unsatisfied wife, Michelle (Melanie Lynskey). It doesn’t take long for Brett’s struggling actor friend (Steve Zissis) and Michelle’s uninhibited sister (Amanda Peet) to disrupt the family routine and overstay their welcome. Watch both seasons for the perfectly satisfying 8-hour weekend binge.

2. Animals.

The Duplass brothers produce this quirky animated comedy, that, like Room 104, introduces new characters each episode. Following the lives of animals living in New York City, you may just hear one of your favorite actors voicing a pigeon, bedbug or rat. If you are looking to laugh at some odd couples and strange encounters, this is your next comedy series.

3. High Maintenance

High Maintenance captures New York City through the eyes of an anonymous, bike-riding pot dealer who makes house calls to a diverse array of clients. With a mix of new characters each episode, the series has a similar anthology feel similar to Room 104. Meet eccentric characters and travel the boroughs of New York City without leaving your couch.

4. Six Feet Under

From creator Alan Ball, Six Feet Under follows the Fishers as they try to move on from their father’s untimely death and continue to run the family business -- a funeral home. Because of its setting, new characters frequently pass through the Fisher household, lending their unique stories and experiences to each episode. This quality, as well as the painfully relatable and darkly humorous writing, makes it a great series to watch in preparation for your Room 104 experience.

5. The Leftovers

The Leftovers follows the aftermath of the “Departure” -- when 2 percent of the world’s population inexplicably disappears. Co-creator Damon Lindelof is known for keeping audiences guessing, and what he delivers in The Leftovers is compelling, insightful and intentionally disorienting television. The Duplass brothers bring a similar state of unrest to Room 104 -- episodes take dark twists and unexpected turns. Both series deliver dynamic characters, complex narratives and a taste of the surreal.

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