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Season 1

Paul Williams

"Nobody has to wonder anymore if I can hold my own against middleweights."

Paul Williams Paul Williams

James Kirkland

Austin native James Kirkland came up hard among people who didn't have much.

James Kirkland James Kirkland

Nate Campbell

"Anybody can win every fight...But when you've lost fights, it makes you a whole other person"

Nate Campbell Nate Campbell

Omar Sheika

"I stay confident because I know they didn't beat me. My injuries did. When I am at my best I know they can't beat me."

Omar Sheika Omar Sheika

Edvan Barros

"When people look at my record, they underestimate me. But I know I can kill them."

Edvan Barros Edvan Barros

Chris Arreola

Chris Arreola is determined to become the first heavyweight champion of Mexican descent.

Chris Arreola Chris Arreola

Dmitriy Salita

When Dmitriy Salita raises his fist, it's for an entire culture.

Dmitriy Salita Dmitriy Salita