Episode 323

June 27, 2014



“John Boehner is going to sue Obama. That’s Plan A. If that doesn’t work, Plan B, he’s going to get the Uruguayan soccer player to bite him” – Bill Maher

"John Boehner is going to sue Obama. That's Plan A. If that doesn't work, Plan B, he's going to get the Uruguayan soccer player to bite him" - Bill Maher

"I had a really good week with my bookie. I had America in the World Cup and Islamic jihad in Iraq." - Bill Maher

"We lost to Germany, and we're still in it.That's what I love about soccer. You lose, you're in! It's like the way Bush won the White House." - Bill Maher


"The antibiotics now are derivatives of ones that we have, because it costs a lot to develop a new antibiotic, and there just isn't the market for a new one. So, the companies aren't there. We tried to lobby Congress to improve the supply of antibiotics. It's happening, but not enough." - Dr. Martin Blaser

"We have a profit-based healthcare system. If people are questioning why this is a bad thing, here's a good example of why. Because pharmaceutical companies, they're not interested in making you better. They're interested in making money." - Bill Maher

"When we need to build an interstate highway, it's too expensive for any person or any company, so we use the tax dollars for that. New antibiotics are a public good. We have to pay for it. Either we pay for it now, or we pay for it later, in terms of increased costs of bad outcomes." - Dr. Martin Blaser

Climate Change & Henry Paulson's Call For A Carbon Tax

"There is a tradition, even in the evangelical wing of the Republican Party and the conservative movements, of believing in taking care of the climate and caring for the climate. And you're starting to even see some of that beginning to creep in, and the climate-denial-ism falling away." - Joy Reid

"In the next round of number-crunching, they'll discover that, you know what, there's money to be made in protecting the environment as well. We've seen this in Europe. We've seen this in other parts of the world. Smart businessmen who are ahead of the curve know how to make money off of that. And that's got to be a pure Republican message, surely." - Bobby Ghosh

"It was an attack on the coal business, which means that you're going to put out hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans out of a job in West Virginia and Kentucky, on a chance 30 years from now, that a Hollywood celebrity may lose two feet of beachfront in Malibu." - Andy Dean

"Coal country is where people can't drink the water or make a glass of lemonade, because the coal industry is polluting the water that they have to drink. And the fossil fuel industries have been funding climate denial-ism, out of self-interest." - Joy Reid


"I think the Republicans like this as an issue because whatever bad happens in the world always is because Obama is weak." - Bill Maher

"Over the past five years, there's a net loss, more people leaving the United States to Mexico than Mexico coming to the United States because immigration is a function of opportunity. And there's less opportunity now." - Andy Dean

"People wouldn't ordinarily send their young children, unaccompanied across thousands of miles if it wasn't for an emergency situation. But, they're also being lied to. And the coyotes are telling them that you will be able to stay, because because of uncertainty in our immigration law." - Joy Reid

"Anybody who is willing to express any kind of compassion is getting this kind of hatred." - Bobby Ghosh

"If conservatives are going to win, they have to make sure that the Latinos in this country, who are a proud people, come to the party. And the only way you're going to get that is you've got to open it up. And that's why Marco Rubio will win in 2016, or he'll run in 2016." - Andy Dean

The Harlem Hellfighters Graphic Novel

"I wouldn't have learned how to read if it wasn't for comic books. And, so this is a historical work. And I figured what better way to teach kids about history than through comic books. Because I don't care how kids get to read. Just read." - Max Brooks


"We made a devil's bargain in 1945, when FDR made a deal with Ibn al-Saud, who said we will protect you in exchange for cheap oil. And that has been our devil's bargain. It took us 50 years to get into this mess." - Max Brooks

"Iraq was broken even before we got there. Iraq has been broken since 632, when Muhammad died and didn't leave behind an estate plan." - Andy Dean

"How about anyone who thought we fought this war for the Kurds, should adopt a Kurd. Just one. You don't have to adopt the Kurdist nation. Just adopt one Kurd." - Max Brooks

"We shouldn't go into Iraq just because we broke it. We should be involved in finding a solution in Iraq, despite the fact that we broke it, despite the fact that it broke us. Iraq changed the way we think of ourselves, we think of our military, we think of our role in the world. But, let's put all that aside. Just pretend this is not Iraq." - Bobby Ghosh

" That's our enemy, the Assad regime, but now we're on the same side. Iran, our sworn enemy for 30-40 years, we're on the same side with them. Russia is sending planes. Russia, who we have sanctions against, the other enemy. So, we're on the side of three enemies now?" - Bill Maher

Hillary Clinton

"My advice to Hillary: Just go away. Go away for a while. We're going to see each other in a couple years. A lot. Just go away. Because, otherwise, you're going to blow this." - Bill Maher
"She got a $14-million book advance for a book that doesn't sell. If she's writing World War Z, she deserves it. But, for her boring book, no." - Andy Dean

"Day-to-day campaigning was really the downfall of the '08 Hillary Clinton campaign. They made so many mistakes. And it was a lot of times they were verbal mistakes. They were things that either Bill Clinton said or that she said that upset African Americans, that really caused rifts. And, so I think the day-to-day slog is really not her friend." - Joy Reid

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