Episode 320

June 6, 2014



“Good presidents, people like George Bush, they SEND people to war. They don’t bring them a rescue. This is America. We rescue insurance companies and banks.” – Bill Maher

“Good presidents, people like George Bush, they SEND people to war. They don’t bring them a rescue. This is America. We rescue insurance companies and banks.” – Bill Maher

“Whatever happened over there in Afghanistan, we’re not going to find out or really know for a while. He will be weeks, they say, recovering. And then months until he can get an appointment at the VA.” – Bill Maher

“These guys have been locked up since 2002. What are they going to do when they get out? Hack into MySpace?” – Bill Maher

Bowe Bergdahl & The Gitmo Prisoner Swap

“We have to remember who we’re fighting. And this is one of the fundamental differences between us and them. We have a system to deal with any crimes he committed as a soldier, and we’ll deal with that.” – Nicolle Wallace

“I’m glad he’s home. I’m glad we made the deal to get him home. And I want to find out if the guy is a nut-job that walked off the case. Why can’t I have both of those feelings? Those are both good American processes. Let’s do them.” – Anthony Weiner

“This idea that they are going to make any difference, these five other guys joining thousands and thousands and thousands of other bearded assholes who have the same goal: to live in a Muslim fundamentalist world and the same skill set: none. It’s like having five more personal trainers in L.A.” – Bill Maher

Coal Regulation

“What is the problem with regulating coal, that is, after all, making us sick?” –Bill Maher

“He’s been president for six years. he hasn’t done anything on climate. Why is the excuse always the Republicans?” – Nicolle Wallace

“Anything good and progressive to happen in our country in the last six years has been stopped by the Republican Party. Period, end of sentence.” –Anthony Weiner

John Waters on Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America

“Every once in a while, you need something new, that your street cred has to go up.” – John Waters

“Single women picked me up. A cop picked me up. A truck picked me up. You know, all sorts of people picked me up. A coal miner, frackers. I liked the frackers, you know? I’m thinking about being a 'fracker hag.'” – John Waters

“It’s like phone sex. You know, the longer you talk, the further they take you.” – John Waters

The Minimum Wage

“I think it’s fantastic that Seattle has taken the lead on this so we can use them as a guinea pig, and we’ll see how it works. If a cup of Vente Starbucks costs 20 bucks, maybe we roll it back a little bit. But, I’m very much a federalist – let every state, let every locality set it at their level, and we’ll see how it works.” – Jim Geraghty

“You don’t need to wait to see what Seattle does. Every time we raise the minimum wage, the economy is better. Universally, it’s always been that way.” – Anthony Weiner

“Elizabeth Warren makes the point, if we were really keeping up with productivity, it would be $22 an hour. And I think it should be $22 an hour.” – Bill Maher

“I’m not opposed to raising the minimum wage. But, the conversation has to be much broader. It has to include doing things so that we add more jobs. And, so when a company says, 'I’m not going to be able to hire as many people or give them as many benefits,' that can’t be discounted as gobbledygook or as not credible.” – Nicolle Wallace

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