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36 million Americans will travel over 50 miles this weekend. They dont want to, but theyre in GM cars, and they hit the brakes and nothing happens. Bill Maher

Republicans have pounced. Theyre outraged. They say, 'How dare you lie about caring for the people who got hurt in the war we lied them into?'  Bill Maher

Obama should take a page out of Sarahs book. She knows when you get elected to do a job, you see it all the way through to the middle.  Bill Maher

36 million Americans will travel over 50 miles this weekend. They dont want to, but theyre in GM cars, and they hit the brakes and nothing happens. Bill Maher


Theres 300,000 undocumented Europeans all around the country that we dont even know about. A million undocumented Asians in this country that people dont even know about. One out of five Koreans is undocumented. One out of six Filipinos is undocumented.  Jose Antonio Vargas

People dont know a lot of things. I think they dont know that most people who come here illegally do not cross the border, you know, with a 'coyote.' They come on a plane. They buy a plane ticket.  Bill Maher

All we have is a political hot-potato that nobody wants to touch. And yet, here we are, driving on the same freeways as you are, going to the same church as you are. Paying the exact same taxes.  Jose Antonio Vargas

We have to have, again, a sense of urgency on this issue. And we need to get politics out of it. Its not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. Its about doing the right thing.  Jose Antonio Vargas

The VA Scandal

People realize that were very good at sending people to war, but were not good at taking care of them. And people are coming back from war now; years ago, they would have been killed, now theyre wounded; and theyre coming back alive and with post-traumatic stress. So, I think Americans are sensible enough to know weve got to figure out a way to take care of them.  Anna Deavere Smith

It faced an influx of people who had suffered the traumas of recent and much more lethal combat in new kinds of battlefields. And its failing to deal with that. And, thats not a story about one president or one VA administrator. It is a story about a failure of institutions to adapt to new times.  David Frum

Rather than point all the fingers, I think we should be talking about solutions like flexibility. It fits within keeping of the model of the Affordable Care Act to say they have insurance; lets now allow them to go out into the private sector and be seen by private physicians or private hospitals, and lessen the burden on the VA system.  Michael Smerconish

Women's Reproductive Rights, Getting Older, and The 9/11 Museum Gift Shop

Ive never had an abortion. And I dont know if I would. But, it doesnt mean that I wouldnt fight to the death for women to make their own choices for their own human bodies.  Sarah Silverman

As soon as a woman is old enough to have an opinion and have a voice and be unafraid, shes very much encouraged by all sorts of people to crawl under a rock and die. And its so weird. My crime is not dying.  Sarah Silverman

It depends on where the money is going to, I guess. But, hey, unless you have a mug, how are you going to remember 9/11?  Sarah Silverman

Jill Abramson's Firing From The New York Times

This strikes one as the kind of story where the people are saying nasty things about each other in public, and you come away with increasing suspicion that everything that everybody is saying about each other is all true.  David Frum

People are concerned about it. Its staying in the news a long time. And I think thats because people  men and women  we know that peoples daughters, mothers and sisters are likely to be rising to the top. More women are being educated than ever. And, so theyre watching it with concern. Thats the good news for me.  Anna Deavere Smith

I play basketball, and Im past the point of feeling stressed about it, because I dont care, and I have fun and I like to talk shit. Its mostly men, but Ive played with other women who play, and every basket you miss is like 100 baskets you miss. And theres so much pressure on one woman. And, meanwhile, all the guys are shooting all day and missing all day and getting better and better and better and better. And, you have to just shed that feeling of 'how am I being perceived,' because then you have to get great.  Sarah Silverman

Botched Lethal Injections & The Death Penalty

It seems perverse to me that we are this vengeful country. Most countries dont do this. But, we dont want to think of ourselves that way, so we just want to nudge them over the line easily. We want to put them out to sleep and have you gently go into death.  Bill Maher

The sure thing to do would be like North Korea: put a gun to somebodys head and shoot them. But, were hypocritical. We dont want to see that.  Anna Deavere Smith

The B-Team is running the drill. We know how to kill people. It sounds grisly to say it. We have assisted suicide in two states. Everybody remembers Jack Kevorkian, but the AMA has taken this position that physicians shouldnt be involved. And, theres been pressure brought to bear on the big pharma, not to supply the medicines that are necessary.  Michael Smerconish

Weve got the lowest crime rate since good records began, probably the lowest crime in the whole history of the republic, going back to the writing of the Constitution. And with that, we are seeing a dramatic reduction in the number of people being sentenced to death.  David Frum

Episode 319

May 23, 2014

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