Episode 313

April 4, 2014



“Healthcare.gov surpassed the enrollment figure they thought, over 7 million. Now, the Republicans are saying they’re going to repeal the Internet.” – Bill Maher

“Healthcare.gov surpassed the enrollment figure they thought, over 7 million. Now, the Republicans are saying they’re going to repeal the Internet.” – Bill Maher

“'Game of Thrones' returns. I’m sure you know it is a magical fantasy where you’re never quite sure who is going to live or die. Or maybe I’m thinking of Paul Ryan’s budget.” – Bill Maher

Saving The Ocean

“Protecting biodiversity in our ocean, I think, is the single most important thing we should be addressing.” – Captain Paul Watson

“Eighty percent of our oxygen supply comes from phytoplankton. The oceans regulate temperature, climate. And if the oceans die, we die. That’s the message I’m trying to hammer through. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the Himalayas or in Colorado or in Los Angeles. It affects you.” – Captain Paul Watson

“Garbage is all over the place. And, so we’re working on this thing called the Vortex Project, with Pharrell Williams. And, to get people to find ways of extracting plastic from the ocean and recycling it into clothes. There’s 7 million tons of the stuff out there. And we’ve got to find a way to get it out.” – Captain Paul Watson

The Supreme Court Ruling On Campaign Finance

“They say the Constitution was created by geniuses so idiots could run it. I need to amend that. I think the idiots found a way to break it.” – Bill Maher

“This is going back to McCain-Feingold, because it limited how they could raise money. But, the myth was that somehow this money would disappear from the political sphere. Instead of going to the parties, which have been a centering force in American democracy for 200 years, that party ended up on the wings, left and right, and then Citizens United put it on steroids. But, this goes back to campaign finance reform in weakening political parties. This decision strengthens parties. I think that’s a good thing.” –Rep. Tom Davis

“If that’s what the American people actually want, then we would see a Constitutional amendment, because right now there is nothing in the Constitution that talks about putting restrictions on free speech. The Supreme Court said this is a First Amendment right.” – Carrie Sheffield

“This is like a legal ruling written by the Little Mermaid.” – Bill Maher

“The legacy of the Roberts court will be allowing corporations and wealthy individuals to gerrymander and jury-rig the electoral process at the same time that the courts are trying to make it harder for people to exercise their right to vote.” – Alex Wagner

On 20 Years Since The Release Of “Illmatic”

“It’s sort of philosophical. It’s sort of like even jazz as far as the music is. It’s a combination of street realities and rebelliousness and melodies.” – Nas

“I was really lucky, because a lot of friends of mine have albums that came out around this time, and for some reason, there’s a difference. I’m really proud of this. It holds up pretty good, because the content is relevant today.” – Nas

The Fort Hood Shooting

“It’s so common now, a shooting in America. It’s almost like the car bombings in Baghdad, or a ferry capsizing in the Philippines, or a train wreck in India. It’s just what we do here. And we look at it and we go, 'Oh, was a celebrity involved?' No.
'Can we blame it on Obama?' No. 'Was it terrorism?' No. Next. And, that’s crazy.” – Bill Maher

“It’s a story of violence in America. I think it’s also the story of the way we treat our veterans. It’s the fact that these guys are subject to multiple tours of duty.
One in five soldiers had a mental illness before he or she enlisted. That number is staggering.” – Carrie Sheffield
“How come we have this zero-tolerance policy towards drugs, and towards shootings, we have an “infinity policy”? No matter what happens, it’s okay.” – Bill Maher

The Senate's Torture Report

“This president and this Congress have wanted to say the past is past on the Bush torture era. It is not past. It is still in the present, and it will be very much part of our future, unless we truly reconcile what we have done, in the name of national security.” – Alex Wagner

“Lying to Congress, misrepresenting to Congress, if they can prosecute Roger Clemens, they can go after CIA personnel that are misrepresenting.” – Rep. Tom Davis

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