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I kid Fox News, but they may be a little biased. We had an earthquake here on Monday, and they reported that 'the earths crust was emboldened by Obamas weakness.'  Bill Maher

It happened very fast. One day, Crimeas status with Ukraine was 'in a relationship,' and the next day, it was 'its complicated.'  Bill Maher

He made a list of Americans who cant go to Russia. And he put on the list: John Boehner, John McCain, Harry Reid. Talk about 'no country for old men.'  Bill Maher

Midterm Elections

The fun of the midterm is actually voting against something, really. Youre voting against your own interests. It doesnt matter, actually, that the Democrats and Democratic president have actually saved the country economically from going down the toilet. The object is to express a little bit of joyous spleen.  Simon Schama

When people are unhappy about the economy, the people in power are the ones that feel the repercussions. Whether you could have done better, I will leave that to other people to decide. But, people are unhappy with the economy and thats going to hurt against the people who are currently in power.  Sheila Bair

Theyre not different enough from the Republican Party. And if people have the choice between a Republican and 'Republican Lite,' theyre probably going to go for the real thing.  Bill Maher

Young voters, a lot of folks who get up for the presidential dont get up for the midterm. So, were trying to turn folks on during the off year, and we have just got to go door to door and really have a strong field campaign. I think going door to door and not putting all that money into TV ads is the way to do it.  Keith Ellison

Its tough because presidential elections, youve got faces. Youve got a clear choice, who is going to actually symbolize America.  Simon Schama

Weve got to change this pattern of getting up for the presidentials and falling off during the non-presidentials. And thats just the work weve got to do. And it can be done.  Keith Ellison

Gun Control

The Republicans have convinced too many people that having any common sense regulations means that theyre going to take your freedom away.  Keith Ellison

Common sense gun safety is bullshit. It means that there are 3,000 types of guns available in the U.S., and you want to ban about 200 of them.  Bill Maher

The trouble is that the rhetoric is  as very often is the case  completely irrational. Wayne LaPierre says actually that in a time of lies and corruption, it is important that people have guns, revolvers and so on. Excuse me? So, if someone tells a lie, you dont contradict them, you shoot them.  Simon Schama

The NRA is very good. Its grassroots, retail politics. They will turn their voters out. Those people will go to the polls and vote; the others will not. And if people are unhappy about gun control, theyve got to start doing a better job of organizing at the grassroots level.  Sheila Bair

On HBO's Vice and Vice Media

I dont know that I like to go to the places, but thats where the stories are. A lot of times, you have to go, you know, where they are. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, now in Crimea and Venezuela, all over the world.  Shane Smith

As news gathering gets more and more expensive, they are sort of shifting down to sort of more news cycle and then talk-radio, op-ed crap. And, so for us just to go get stories internationally, theres nobody else.  Shane Smith

The news cycle is like kindergartners playing football or soccer. Because the ball goes over here, everybody goes over here; ball goes over&everybody goes over here. But, theres a lot of other stuff happening in the world. So, we just go and say, okay, were going to cover that stuff.  Shane Smith


It just seems like every time we see a spider in the bedroom, we have to tent the whole house. Every time theres a little thing, we dont have to go to DEFCON 5 every moment, which just seems like what we do. Bill Maher

We cannot let international borders become an irrelevancy. If there is a way for Crimea to rejoin Russia, it should be through some international process which people discuss, and theres negotiation. Not folks rolling over borders with guns.  Keith Ellison

I think responding with economic sanctions is appropriate. If youre going to do it, do it, right? Have some impact. I think the first round he announced was pretty tepid. But, the second round was good, is having some impact. And I actually think hes getting some Republican support. I hope that. I think hes handling it correctly.  Sheila Bair

Whats happening now is everybody is ramping up and were going back to this Cold War rhetoric, which is very disturbing.  Shane Smith

Pakistan & Bin Laden

What I was shocked at, that I didnt know, was that Bin Laden was leaving the house. I thought he was confined to that house; that, you know, as long as you dont show your head were not going to say anything. He was going out whenever he wanted to. His 8x10 was up at the dry cleaners.  Bill Maher

Its a huge problem. Its a no-win situation, because of the warheads that they have pointed primarily at India. Its a massive problem. But, look, Pakistan and the ISI made the Taliban.

The Bush Doctrine said, if a country harbors a terrorist, weve got to go to war with them. So, do we just go, well, it was Bush, come on?  Bill Maher

I think we have had sort of a transactional relationship with that country. When we leave them, we kind of work with them or we dont. We kind of leave them alone. I think we need to build a more durable, sustainable relationship with Pakistan.  Keith Ellison

Episode 311

March 21, 2014

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