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It is still a very volatile situation there in Ukraine. President Obama hasnt really decided exactly what were going to do. But, Fox News has already decided that whatever it is, its wrong.  Bill Maher

Basically, half the country wants to modernize and become more western in their outlook, and the other half of the country wants to live in the past. Same problem with our country.  Bill Maher

The Bible-thumpers can keep denying global warming all they want, but, I tell you, if Jesus came back to California, he would be pissed because there is no water to walk on.  Bill Maher

It is still a very volatile situation there in Ukraine. President Obama hasnt really decided exactly what were going to do. But, Fox News has already decided that whatever it is, its wrong.  Bill Maher

Mass Incarceration

I refer to mass incarceration as 'the new Jim Crow,' because it is a system of racial and social control that is remarkably similar. It functions in a manner that is remarkably similar to old 'Jim Crow' segregation. In a few short decades, we quintupled our nations prison population.  Michelle Alexander

Once youre labeled a felon, all the old forms of discrimination are suddenly legal again: employment discrimination, housing discrimination, denial of the right to vote, exclusion from jury service. In many ways, people who are branded criminals and felons today are subject to second-class treatment.  Michelle Alexander

Its really about, 'I am so afraid of the black people, I just need to shoot them before they do anything.'  Bill Maher

In many ways, colorblindness is the problem. Being blind to the suffering of people of other races, being blind to discrimination, being blind to bigotry; that is a big part of the problem. So, I would hope that we wouldnt aim for more blindness. Michelle Alexander

The UN's Report on North Korea's Human Rights Violations

Why arent we a bit more honest? Instead, what we do is we write things in the Wall Street Journal saying, hey, we could do this small thing around the edge  this small thing around the edge  and we make ourselves feel better. But, we should just acknowledge that what were actually going to do about North Korea and their prison camps is nothing.  Charles Cooke

To a certain extent, this is a puzzle about China. How do you bring China enough into the community of nations that they are too embarrassed about their continuing patronage of North Korea to let them get away with this?  Rachel Maddow

No one was disputing whats in it. Theyre just disputing what to do about it. But, after World War II, we said, 'Never again,' and we ought to mean it.  Jane Harman

Eeconomic sanctions have limited use in Korea. Were not going to invade. And then theres moral authority. I dont know what number four is.  Bill Maher

The only thing thats going to make a difference in North Korea is China. How can we influence China to not see human rights as an issue that is the enemy of China, and thats something about the future of their country? Thats a sensitive issue that we cant bomb our way to a solution.  Rachel Maddow

MSNBC's Chris Christie Coverage

I am totally obsessed with the Christie story, unapologetically, and will continue to be obsessed with it while amazing things in that story continue to happen.  Rachel Maddow

Hes not the president. Hes not even a guy who ever himself said he was going to be running for president. Hes a New Jersey governor who did something bad. He closed lanes on a bridge: bad. But, is it really THAT BAD?  Bill Maher

Why dont we just come clean? What youve been doing over the last two months is trying to get rid of Chris Christie from the race. This is not as interesting as you think it is.  Charles Cooke

Steve Coogan's New Film, Philomena and The Catholic Church

Philomena, who keeps her religion, she is the true face or the potential, the real future for religion, because shes diligent. She has this dignified face. And she kind of shames the establishment of the Church, the hierarchy of the Church. She lives her values. She doesnt just preach the values.  Steve Coogan

Its really a case of what we call now 'slut shaming.' Aside from all the actual things they do to her like taking away her baby, they make her feel horrible for so long that she did this horrible act, that she had sex.  Bill Maher

Theres a lot of good things in religion, and we outline those in the movie, and Philomena exemplifies those things  but, theres a lot of bad things. Theres bad things: sexual repression, sexual shaming, of something which is entirely natural, that is part of our DNA, what makes us human. If we didnt have sexual feelings, the human race would grind to a halt. And the Church seems to have missed this.  Steve Coogan

In the U.K., the church and state are supposed to be intertwined. Yet, if a politician invokes God in a political speech in the U.K., hes going to lose votes. In this country, hell gain votes.  Steve Coogan

California's Drought. The Delta Smelt and Climate Change

We either divert the water for the farmers or for the fishermen. If we do this for the farmers  the people who are starving, you say  then we hurt the fishermen. But, the farmers have a better lobbyist, dont they? They have better lobbyists than the fishermen.  Bill Maher

That the California drought is absolutely, definitely to do with climate change  and there is climate change  but that it is definitely to do with climate change, is refuted by an awful lot of scientists.  Charles Cooke

2013 was the driest year on record in California in recorded history. And, in some parts of the state, it was less than 50% of the previous record total of the low precipitation. The fish didnt do it. This is climate change.  Rachel Maddow

Episode 308

February 21, 2014

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