Episode 306

February 7, 2014



“George Zimmerman is back in the news. He is currently exploring new ways to legally attack black people.” – Bill Maher

“What’s going on in Sochi is outrageous. The miracle on ice is if you can get out of there alive.” – Bill Maher

“They say this is all part of their brilliant plan to make the terrorists think that they’ve already bombed the place.” – Bill Maher

“They are very up front about the fact that you should have no expectations of privacy if you go there to Sochi. The phones immediately are hacked. Your computers are hacked. The rooms are bugged. One hotel, their slogan is, 'We’ll leave the mic on for you.'” – Bill Maher

“George Zimmerman is back in the news. He is currently exploring new ways to legally attack black people.” – Bill Maher

On Switching Parties, Tribal Politics, Chris Christie and The Cuban Embargo

“People kind of get their heels dug in. And, if you’re a Republican and they’re a Republican, that’s good. And if you’re not, it’s a bad thing. And, I lived through it.” – Charlie Crist

“I understand the concept of trying to be fair, and you conduct an investigation so you can learn what the facts are. And not pre-judging. But, there are obvious questions that need to be answered here about the bridge closing and how that happened, and if it was a political affront to do so, on the part of his administration? And I think, over time, we’ll find out what the facts are, and then we’ll know.” – Charlie Crist

“Just to give you a sense of how crazy the leadership in the Republican Party has gone, just last week, John McCain was censured by the Republican Party of Arizona. And this is for not being conservative enough.” – Charlie Crist

“It is obvious to me that we need to move forward and, I think, get the embargo taken away. Really. I believe that. And, from a selfish point of view, as a Floridian, I’d like to see that happen because a lot of construction would be required on the island. And, South Florida could be the launching pad for all of that, and really create some jobs for the people of my state.” – Charlie Crist

Immigration Reform

“For Republicans to hold this issue hostage yet again, is bad for their party; it’s bad for America, and it’s déjà vu. I mean, Boehner had a set of principles that he thought he could get his party to agree to. He takes it back to the caucus, and it’s a handful of people who won’t let him go forward with it. So, I have to believe that they can get it done. But, this is disappointing.” – Alicia Menendez

“I think Mike Lee and Ted Cruz sent out a 'happy birthday' email to Ronald Reagan. And I thought that was interesting, because I guess they forgot that in 1986, Reagan actually signed the Mazzoli-Simpson Act that gave a pathway to citizenship for three million undocumented undocumented immigrants.” – Tom Colicchio

“You need a new, young workforce, and immigration is part of the only way you’re actually going to get some high-tech entrepreneurs, and you’re also going to get young new Americans in what is otherwise an aging population.” – Alicia Menendez

“Most legal immigrants who are eligible for citizenship choose not to pursue it. They don’t want to become citizens. And, in fact, they prioritize legal status over citizenship. And, I think both Democrats and Republicans use citizenship as a defining obstacle, because citizenship, as an issue, has been good for business, for both sides.” - SE Cupp

“They have this idea that Obama is a king now, because he said he’s going to do some things by executive action, which every president has done. But, their idea, of course, is that “King Obama,” he’s declared himself above the law.” – Bill Maher

The CBO Report on Obamacare

“What they said was that Obamacare, over ten years, will reduce employment by 2 million people. Somehow in the media, that got to be 'Obamacare will kill jobs.'” – Bill Maher

“It creates opportunity. It also, as you said, frees people up. So, that means you want to go hang out with your grandkids, you can do that. You want to go start a business, you can do that, because you’re no longer dependent on your job for your healthcare.” – Alicia Menendez

“Disincentives to work are not always bad things. Americans work too much. Americans are overworked, over-stressed. They take less vacation time. They don’t retire when they want to. Not everything is GDP.” – Bill Maher

“The project of economists on the left and the right has always been to come up with welfare programs that disincentivize work the least. Why? Work is dignity. Work is social and economic empowerment. Work is women’s lib. Work is opportunity.” – SE Cupp

Communism, Russia's Current State and Putin

“I just feel like any ex-communist country is like an abused child, the worst one being North Korea.” – Bill Maher

“If you take the problems that Russia had already, and you lay a big old slab of communism down on the top of it for 70 years, when you pick that up, the worms underneath are not going to be pretty.” – PJ O'Rourke

“When was the last time there was a world leader who went around shirtless this much? You know, it’s sending a message. And I don’t think the message is, 'Look at me, I’m just like Mahatma Gandhi.'” – PJ O'Rourke

Prescription Drugs vs. Heroin

“For the longest time, we thought of heroin as this drug that was only in urban corridors; we didn’t have to worry about it because it was somebody else’s problem. And, one of the benefits of bringing this to national attention, is the fact that, for the first time, we’re understanding there are a lot of people using heroin.” – Alicia Menendez

“Vancouver actually has some pretty radical ways to deal with this. They have these places you can go and shoot up, if you are a heroin addict. But, there’s people there, nurses there to take care of you. There’s been about 4,000 overdoses since they started the program. No one has died.” – Tom Colicchio

“Adderall is really cocaine. Oxycontin is heroin. Vicodin is morphine. I think a lot of times, they just change the packaging. And they make what are the illegal drugs into a legal form.” – Bill Maher

“We over-medicate at a really young age. We under-treat. We don’t try to get to the root of a problem of why someone is medicating with drugs or alcohol, at any age. We especially ignore this when it comes to our vets coming home. And it’s a huge hole in the way we view mental health.” – SE Cupp

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