Episode 305

January 31, 2014



"The president gave a great State of the Union address. He said we must stay
vigilant against foreign threats. And yet, Justin Bieber remains a free man."
- Bill Maher

"It was a tough week to be black in America. Obama's speech got the lowest
rating in 15 years. A white guy won all the rap awards at the Grammys. And
the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' were found frozen to death." - Bill Maher

Ted Cruz already is calling Obama 'the imperial president.' Which he sees as
a threat to his title, 'Supreme Asshole.'" - Bill Maher

"In Florida, anything that's a misdemeanor, if you do it against a senior citizen, it's now a felony. I don't know who writes these laws, but, I swear to God, that's the law." - Bill Maher

On "12 Years A Slave," Racism and Slavery Today

"The thing that I really learned about slavery, of course, the slaves were at
the bad end of the stick, literally and figuratively. But, for a system like that
to work, it has got to be a series of mass psychosis that's going on.
Everybody has to buy into it." - John Ridley

"One of the great things about this movie is the nuance. It shows that slavery
damaged white people also." - Bill Maher

"The guy who brings the 'Duck Dynasty' guy and says, 'I want diversity in
the capital.' I mean, in the Republican world, they actually think the racism
we deal with today is reverse racism. That's the problem now." - Bill Maher

"If you are not being put into bondage, taken away, if the idea that you could
read or write is a death sentence; if you are not being put into forced labor
daily, seven days a week; if someone is just offering you healthcare, or, by
the way, if someone is listening in on your conversations, that is not really
having your freedom taken away." - John Ridley

"Per capita, there is nearly more slavery happening in the world now than
there was at the time of this film taking place. Whether it's forced labor,
whether it's sex trafficking. If there are individuals that cannot have their
right of self-determination, then it's slavery." - John Ridley

Income Inequality & The Minimum Wage

"I just feel like there's this idea in the Republican Party that the people who
are out of work or are struggling just need some additional motivation." -
Bill Maher

"There have been some really good economic studies comparing American
states next door to each other, that one has raised the minimum wage, the
other hasn't, and there hasn't been an impact on employment." - Chrystia

"There is actually a way to say, 'Look, this can be an opportunity. It can
increase morale. It can increase productivity.' With smart business planning,
there is a way to have minimum wage policies coexist with local business
concerns of the kinds that you hear when you introduce this." - Ronan

"Minimum wage will not put you in the middle class. I don't know if you
realize that. The plight of the middle class will not be solved at ten bucks an
hour." - Darrell Issa

"The average age of the McDonald's worker - it used to be a teenager -
now, it's 29 years old. You can pay the same wage and get a 29-year-old or a
16-year-old, you're going to get the 29-year-old, probably. That's part of the
problem." - Bill Maher

American Politics vs. English Politics, Anti-Intellectualism

"In England, it seems like we're just fiddling with small print now. We've
figured out the big issues. Both parties seem to be in general agreement.
Here, you still seem to be arguing about the big ideas that we seem to figure
out. It's like why are you still arguing about abortion?" - Stephen Merchant

"For all of its flaws, the BBC does remain as impartial as is, I think,
possible. And I find, even when I'm here, going back to the BBC for my
news coverage. Because I feel like I trust them more. I don't know who to
trust here." - Stephen Merchant

"The thing I think I've noticed particularly here - and I noticed it again
during the election - is that idea that there's a sort of anti-intellectual
movement." - Stephen Merchant

"The founding fathers would not have had lunch with Sarah Palin." - Bill

"Thomas Jefferson spoke six languages. I don't think Sarah Palin has even
seen a subtitled film." - Stephen Merchant

Guns & The Florida Movie Theater Shooting

"In Florida, anything that's a misdemeanor, if you do it against a senior
citizen, it's now a felony. I don't know who writes these laws, but, I swear to
God, that's the law." - Bill Maher

"If you are black in a non-stand-your-ground state, you are 250% more
likely to be found not justified in a gun homicide. That number rises to
350% with stand-your-ground laws. A black person is 350% more likely to
be found unjustified than a white person with a stand-your-ground law
regime." - Ronan Farrow

"I like playing a bit of golf. But, if people went around beating people to
death with golf clubs, I'd say, 'Ban golf. I'll take up tennis'"- Stephen

"You can say, okay, there are some countries that have stricter gun laws, and
some countries that don't. Who gets shot by guns more? And, guess what?
Gun-related homicide rate in the U.S. is six times as high as in Canada. Do
you guys really want to be shot more often?" - Chrystia Freeland

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