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But, Obama said he made a promise to the Afghans. He said, 'If you like the war you have, you can keep it. Period.'  Bill Maher

Eleven more years in Afghanistan? Its easier to get away from Tom Cruise.  Bill Maher

He got busted trying to buy cocaine, when just a couple of weeks ago, he voted to require people on food stamps to be drug tested. Sure, he did. More drugs for him.  Bill Maher

The Cheney Sisters' Feud

Im sure there are a lot of Wyoming people who find gay marriage icky. But, what they found even ickier was throwing your sister under the bus to win an election.  Bill Maher

Liz Cheney is 50 points down in the polls. Shes not going to make up that ground knifing her sister.  Dan Savage

It is funny that you need a 'Dick' to adjudicate a dispute between the lesbian and the straight sister.  Dan Savage

Nancy Reagan is for stem cell research because Ronald Reagan had Alzheimers Disease. Rush Limbaugh is for drug treatment as opposed to incarceration because he got his ass addicted to drugs. Megyn Kelly on Fox News is for maternity leave after she pushes out a brat. But, not before. Once it happens to Republicans, theres the empathy gap; they cant imagine someone elses circumstances.  Dan Savage

But, Obama said he made a promise to the Afghans. He said, 'If you like the war you have, you can keep it. Period.'  Bill Maher

The End of The Filibuster

Isnt it a good thing that were getting rid of the filibuster, for both sides? I always thought it was kind of a parliamentary coup that didnt make sense to begin with. And, Im kind of glad if its going to go away.  Bill Maher

With the filibuster, the minority had power and kept on blocking these nominations. Now, I think it allows us to circumvent some of the problems of partisanship. But, it always probably stacks up future partisanship for Democrats.  Katty Kay

There is some good in the filibuster. There is. It requires bipartisanship. It protects the rights of the minority in the Senate. Its not a wholly bad thing at all. But, it's abused.  Paul Begala

Conspiracy Theories

I dont know if weve learned a lot since Dallas 50 years ago. Im not saying that it was or wasnt a conspiracy. The 'magic bullet' is pretty suspicious. But, I just think people do bad things. And its not always because of a good reason.  Bill Maher

The idea that some lone, banal loser with a $21 rifle could have shot the president of the United States just seems implausible to people. It just seems they dont want to believe that it was just one person. But, then if you dont like government as well, its just one step further to say it was a conspiracy.  Katty Kay

As far as conspiracy theories, Americans clearly love them.  Bob Ehrlich


In fairness to the president, this was the war of necessity when he campaigned. The discretionary war: Iraq. This was the war of necessity. And this is sort of keeping that promise. And the fact of it is, the guys who blew up those towers and killed 3,000 people, that want to kill a lot of us, thats where they trained. So, we have a lot of blood there.  Bob Ehrlich

I think 12 years is enough. I think $675 billion is enough. And I damn sure think 2,922 deaths from American troops is plenty enough.  Paul Begala

I was always the guy who loved Obama because he kept up with his promises. And its not a good thing to be going back on another promise this month, Barry.  Bill Maher

The only argument that foreign policy people make is that the risk is that Afghanistan becomes another hotbed of Al Qaeda. But, actually, were not invading Yemen, were not invading Somalia, were not invading Mali. And people are really looking at those countries now as terrorist bases.  Katty Kay

On New Orleans

It just struck me that after Katrina hit, there were actually some people who said, 'You know what? Lets just let this city die. Its too far below sea level.' Its just ridiculous that we could let one of the most amazing cities in this country go away.  Bill Maher

New Orleans is too valuable. And especially when it comes to culture. Because we express the American aesthetic in everything that we do.  Wendell Pierce

I have started a new grocery store chain called Sterling Farms. And our business model is to go into underserved areas, into food deserts, and try to make them food oases, and make sure that we bring access to fresh, affordable, healthy food. Wendell Pierce

I hire 50-60 people a store. In-source  first-source hiring from that neighborhood. It creates an economic engine. We give people a ride home. If they buy $50 of groceries, we have the Sterling Shuttle to give them a ride home. Because, were taking into account, they had to ride the bus to get to the store.
Thats what American ingenuity is all about.  Wendell Pierce

Walmart vs. Costco

I would say to Republicans who say we have too much regulation, 'We wouldnt need regulation if most people acted like Costco. If you act like human beings, we dont have to regulate. The problem is that business people dont.'  Bill Maher

Everybody here are consumers. We have power. And, youre right. I love what Costco is doing. And so, go buy Costco. And if you dont like what Walmart is doing, dont shop Walmart. Use your consumer power. Don't have government  let consumers do it. Let the marketplace decide.  Bob Ehrlich

Why do we have to incentivize oil companies with development and research, billions of dollars? But, then you say to that mother with a child, 'You cant get food stamps, because we want to drug test you.'  Wendell Pierce

Episode 302

November 22, 2013