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Out of 50 million uninsured, they signed up 26,794. To give you an idea: Wilt Chamberlain had sex with more people than that.  Bill Maher

For most Americans, Obamacare is a lot like sex. You do it online, its incredibly frustrating and the idea of anyone getting it makes Republicans insane.  Bill Maher

Out of 50 million uninsured, they signed up 26,794. To give you an idea: Wilt Chamberlain had sex with more people than that.  Bill Maher

The Militarization of America's Police

One of my issues with the police these days is that everything seems to have to come down to lethal force.  Bill Maher

I got to meet a lot of older cops and people who train police in the use of force. And one thing they told me that theyve noticed over the last 20 years is the emphasis of these classes that the cops have to take on when they can use force has switched from an emphasis on de-escalation, on conflict resolution, to how to justify force after youve already used it.  Radley Balko

Its this kind of warrior, kind of soldier mentality that police safety takes precedence over everything else, even civil liberties, even protecting the public.  Radley Balko


Obamacare's not working, its bad for the president, bad for the Democratic brand, but also bad for the people who need it to work. So, lets put that as a premise here.  Ezra Klein

You see an interesting cleavage now among Democrats, with some Democrats who are saying, look, you know what, we tried it this way, and maybe we should have gone for Medicare-for-all, all along. Maybe we should have embraced single-payer all along. I think that among Democrats, thats going to be the interesting next debate going forward.  Reihan Salam

These 'losers' are not just these people who are supposedly paying more under Obamacare. Its the people who have lost their plans and arent going to qualify for all this great money that the president is saying youre going to get as a subsidy to pay for the new plan.  Mattie Duppler

If you had a system that allowed for younger people to get somewhat lower premiums, youd also save money on subsidies. Definitely subsidize the older people who have to pay higher premiums under that system. But, I think that we tilt it a little bit too far in the direction of protecting older people, and not towards young people who are really having a tough time in the economy right now.  Reihan Salam

The 60 Minutes Benghazi Report

Where is the retraction from the National Review and Fox News and all the people who said, 'Watch this, its going to be great,' and it turned out to be a con man?  Bill Maher

I think the real problem is that this is an established media outlet that has this story that  I mean, its incredible to me. This guy told a different story to the FBI, to his employer, to 60 Minutes, and he somehow didnt think hed get tracked down, and he didnt get tracked down until the story actually went live? I just dont understand that.  Mattie Duppler

We intervened in Libya, and then it fell into lawlessness. And thats why you had the situation in Benghazi. It was a foreign policy failure. But, the problem is that congressional Republicans, they wanted a scandal. They were chasing a scandal rather than making a real foreign policy argument.  Reihan Salam

The thing that has been happening here is that they believe something about the Obama Administration, and it motivates a lot more than just whats going on with Benghazi. It is both not true about them but also not credible.  Ezra Klein

On His Movie, Out of the Furnace and US Veterans

Theyre seeing more multiple deployments than ever before, because theres a smaller pool of military personnel, and a lot of them are careerists. Theres the reserve. And, if they opt to not go back, then they lose all their benefits. Thats their career. So, theyre going back and forth a lot. So, for that reason, theyre coming back showing more PTSD.  Casey Affleck

For a country that is always mouthing off about how much it loves the veterans and loves the soldiers, these guys really come back and get almost nothing.  Bill Maher

They should have better access to treatment. So, some of them have to apply and reapply and wait and prove that they have PTSD or prove  you know, if theyre not visibly missing two limbs or something, sometimes it can be hard just to get treatment, to get benefits.  Casey Affleck

Typhoon Haiyan and Climate Change

The future is now. Storms like this, that are worse, that are costing us more money, killing more people. And, I dont understand the argument on the right that global warming is not happening.  Bill Maher

I think a lot of people, the tendency is to say that anyone who has some skepticism about these grandiose ideas about climate change, are deniers of everything. And I dont think thats the case. I think that everyone needs to be cognizant of the fact that we need to be good stewards of our environment, that there are environmental changes that are happening.  Mattie Duppler

The thing is that you need to slowly, patiently build a coalition to tell people that were going to better peoples lives by taking action against climate change rather than try to exploit a particular event.  Reihan Salam

Food Stamp Cuts

Food stamps got branded as thats 'the takers.' The takers, thats what we think when we hear food stamps now, because of all that propaganda.  Bill Maher

The House bill, what it tries to do is direct some of that aid to the people who actually need it. And thats why we need to have these kinds of discussions about how we can take this money that we have, which is a finite resource, and spend it on the populations who need it.  Mattie Duppler

A lot of that is people who really need that money. Theyre not takers. Theyre poor people, theyre veterans, theyre older people. Theyre the people were supposed to take care of. We should be the takers of them.  Bill Maher

When youre dealing with finite resources, you really want to focus on the people who need them most. And I think that thats one of the questions. I dont necessarily think the House Republicans had exactly the right approach, but I think that expansion of eligibility has caused some concerns, some legitimate concerns that needed to addressed.  Reihan Salam

Food stamps is, of the programs you would cut in the federal government, it is actually very good at getting money to poor people. And it is a very efficient form because its a straight transfer.  Ezra Klein

If youre trying to, say, you want to encourage people to go back to work, there are things like the Earned Income Tax Credit, other ways of getting people to go back to work, instead of just punishing people who cant go to work.  Casey Affleck

Episode 301

November 15, 2013

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