Episode 297

October 11, 2013


"Saying the government shutdown doesn't really matter, is sort of like saying to the homeless guy on the street, 'You're saving a lot of money on rent, aren't you lucky.'"


"First they didn't believe in evolution. Then they didn't believe in global warming. Now the debt ceiling. What I call 'the moron trifecta.'" -Bill Maher

"People are actually getting very pissed off at this government shutdown. But, Republicans say, 'Remember one thing, we are standing up for an important principle. And as soon as we figure out what it is, you'll be the first to know.'" -Bill Maher

"I love the Tea Party. They are the ultimate beer goggles. They make everything look better." -Bill Maher


"It's about people going hungry. Because, a lot of the programs that we're talking about when we talk about this 15 percent of government shutdown are the programs that feed women who are pregnant or have infant or toddler children and actually buy formula." -Maya Wiley

"I think this week was important because a lot of people found out that they need government assistance, too. It's not just in their minds, that it's the other people who are the takers -- the poor, the black. And it's beginning to dawn on them that they are in that company as well." -Bill Maher

"Saying the government shutdown doesn't really matter, is sort of like saying to the homeless guy on the street, 'You're saving a lot of money on rent, aren't you lucky.'" -Maya Wiley

"I think the right-wingers have to buddy up to the fact that either the minimum wage has to go up, and people get enough money to live, or you're always going to have people needing government assistance. You can't have it both ways." -Bill Maher


"They've given up on the cause that some of them had in the beginning, which was, in my opinion, the wrong cause, which was repealing Obamacare. Should have been about spending. And the radicals in the party were pushed by organizations like Heritage Action and did something that almost anyone could have seen was not going to work. So, now they're trying to shift gears." -Jim Glassman

"I think it's really a messaging and a strategy problem. They had an opportunity. They knew Obamacare was going to roll out; they knew it was going to be a hot mess. All they had to do was stand back and wait and let everything unfold." -Carol Roth


"It's the Affordable Care Act! It's an act of Congress. It's the law of the land, reviewed by the Supreme Court. It is the fact of life that you normally take an oath to uphold. These guys say, 'When can we lynch it, want to get rid of it.' It's unbelievable the stuff they're doing this year." -Chris Matthews

"The reason why it's not working in some states is because those governors in those states don't want it to work. It's working fine in California, in Maryland, in Kentucky, which has a Democratic governor. It's not working where it's being sabotaged." -Bill Maher


"If we would go after entitlements for richer people who don't need it, and defense spending which, of course, we could cut in half and be no less safe. Actually, be more safe, because we'd be investing in the environment and healthcare and education. But, you won't go after where the money is. So, you lose my sympathy." -Bill Maher

"Why are we always the one that has to be the leader in every war? Because we've got the most stuff." -Chris Matthews

"I think that the United States should be the leader, not only militarily. We need to stand for freedom; we need to stand for justice in the world, because there aren't too many countries that do." -Jim Glassman

"The American people care about the fact that we have $17 trillion in debt and 10 percent of every tax dollar that's coming in is going to pay for past overspending." -Carol Roth

"Here's how clever the Republicans are: we're talking about this, and every other issue we were supposed to be talking about in 2013 -- remember, this is the year that sh*t was going to get done because it was between elections: immigration, gun control, minimum wage, whatever other issues -- they're brilliant -- went all off the table. We're not talking about them." -Bill Maher

"We'll be doing it every six weeks for the rest of our time, because that's the Republican strategy right now: to force him to choose between giving up his major legislative accomplishment -- Obamacare -- 'Give it up or else we're going to bring the economy of America down.'" -Chris Matthews


"I think a lot of young people in this country would agree with me that we have to get rid of this 'empire.' And it's a huge, huge strain on our resources." -Oliver Stone

"Obama is now fighting for his life. He's fighting for a federal government. I believe in a federal government. I hope it sticks around. We had the American Revolution. There was this whole tension between the federalists and the anti-federalists. Then we had the Civil War. We had Lincoln fighting for it. And the secessionists were there. And we have the same issue today." -Oliver Stone


"I wish he (Ted Yohow R-FL) as still inseminating goats, I really do. Because this is part of the problem, I think, is that these people who have no knowledge of politics or history or economics suddenly get into Congress, and they think they know something, and they don't! They don't know things." -Bill Maher

"It's rampant, though, throughout Congress. And everybody who is talking about the debt ceiling crisis is missing the bigger issue, which is the fact that we have this general debt crisis." -Carol Roth

"Gordon Gekko was right: greed is good. Because, the potty-trained Republicans have now stepped forward -- like the Koch brothers -- to say, 'You know what? You yokels stop talking about defaulting on the debt, because I'm going to lose a fortune!'" -Bill Maher

"If we hit the debt ceiling, we're going to have to cut, like, 30 percent of spending, which is going to plunge this country into a tremendous recession. I think we ought to cut spending, but not immediately. Not in the next five minutes." -Jim Glassman

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