Episode 296

October 4, 2013


"In a short amount of time, the shameful secret among the Tea Party people will be that some of them did sign up for Obamacare."


"They cannot face that we are heading toward European-style health coverage. But they have no problem that we have an Italian-style government." -Bill Maher

"As of Tuesday, people went on the exchanges. Unfortunately they didn't work. This thing crashes so frequently they're starting to call it 'Lindsay Lohan-Care.'" -Bill Maher

"It's now called a government 'slim down.' They're also calling school shootings 'class size reduction.'" -Bill Maher

"The Republican Party is like the corpse in 'Weekend at Bernie's.' And the Tea Party is like the two guys who put sunglasses and a party hat on it and drag it around." -Bill Maher


"Not only is it going to live, the American healthcare system is going to be better because of it. I've asked a lot of people who really know something about the healthcare system, and they all say that by 2020 the system's going to be much better because of the Affordable Care Act." -Dr. Zeke Emanuel

"If seven million total people enroll in the exchanges, it'll be a success. And 2.7 million of them have to be young people. And I got to believe that if you can get insurance for $34, $55, per month, you're going to enroll." -Dr. Zeke Emanuel

"What we have always said from day one is we need to fund all parts of government except for Obamacare. And it was the president himself by delaying the employer mandate, by delaying some 19 other provisions - or even repealing provisions in Obamacare, that opened this can of worms." -Matt Kibbe

"I see this poll all the time: 54 percent of Americans are against Obamacare. Not really true. Because 16 percent of that 54 percent want it to be more left. They want single-payer." -Bill Maher

"I think they do have a lot of questions, whether they're coming from the left or the right, over different parts of this healthcare program which is just starting to get rolled out. They just don't want to see all these people and programs suffering while we kind of have this debate that is really not going anywhere right now." -Suzy Khimm

"The whole thing that the Republicans are the defenders of freedom and choice, is a fraud. It's a fraud. One of their demands was that employers have veto power over contraceptive use by their female employees. How is that respecting choice? How is that respecting human dignity?" -Alan Grayson

"I'm so happy that the Republicans named it 'Obamacare.' I'm 91, I'm not going to be around 20 years from now when they're going to be talking about this guy Obama who gave them health coverage forever. That they've given him the name. I thank you for that." -Carl Reiner

"In a short amount of time, the shameful secret among the Tea Party people will be that some of them did sign up for Obamacare. That they won't ever say it, but you know what? They were, you know, their appendix was about to burst and it seemed like a really good idea." -Bill Maher


"The crazy thing about the government shutdown and calling it a slim down, it doesn't save us any money. It actually costs us a lot of money. And this is not just because folks aren't getting paid who are furloughed. It's because we're not collecting taxes. We're not collecting revenue, we're not collecting fines from, you know, companies that are polluting or anything like that." -Suzy Khimm

"If they have to cut something, why not, for example, the war in Afghanistan? Why don't we leave there early? It's still costing us $100 billion a year to be there. Why the EPA? Why is it always stuff like that?" -Bill Maher

"Let us shut down every Republican representative in the next election who shut down the government. Let's shut them down." -Carl Reiner

"I think there's really three Republican parties. There's the corporate shills. There are the religious fanatics and then there are the freedom fiends. The ones who want to make sure that you have the right to sleep under a bridge." -Alan Grayson

"I'm still angry at the time when we said, 'Let's tax the rich a little bit,' and they said, 'No.' The very rich let the poor people pay for things. It's driving me crazy to this day." -Carl Reiner

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